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Windows and Doors installation

Proper ventilation is always required to make your place look spacious and full of oxygen. Not only this, but Windows are also the perfect getaway to scenic or happening view near your place. At Plaga Woodworks, the experts install the windows at the righteous place. Regarding the doors, we make them up from your favorite material, whether it be vinyl, fiberglass, wood, or even some other material.

Crown Molding & Baseboard Installation

The crown molding works as an ornate for your place; it also covers up your uneven ceiling in the best way possible. Plaga Woodworks balances the crown molding installation in a way that it’s functional and look exquisite as well. Furthermore, the perfect baseboard installation by Plaga Woodworks prevents wall abrasion and discoloring due to pigmentation and extreme weather conditions.

Custom cabinets & bookcases

A perfect home should always reflect your personality, and that’s why we offer custom cabinets and bookcases manufacturing and then installing. You just give your idea and our experts will get it done in the best possible way.  The custom cabinets will have that design of your choice along with maximum utility when it comes to the storage. As for the bookcases, these custom shelves by Plaga Woodworks grab visitor’s attention at your place every time.


Do you need that modern-day wood flooring? If yes, we cater dozens of such designs and types to get all sorts of clients over the line. If not, there’s still much we offer in terms of the flooring apart from that wood flooring. It includes laminate, marble and ceramic floor installation along with by the best professionals of the carpentry world. Other than that, all sort of floor repairing is also being done the adept professionals.


To avoid wall or floor squeaking just in several months, we recommend complete framing of your place. At Plaga Woodworks we offer multitude types of framing to make it easy to choose your favorite option without any further ado. The framing also adds sophistication and symmetry to your walls and roof.

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